Greensboro Pie found its beginnings in the social experiment, Pie Lab, which was conceptualized 15 years ago. This community organization and kitchen were taken over and spearheaded by Seaborn and Kelley Whatley. They utilized their culinary talents to develop the pie recipes that caught the eye and taste buds of not only the people of Alabama but even the likes of Southern Living and the New York Times.

Born and raised in Greensboro, AL, I have always loved how food brings people together. When the Whatley's decided to pursue a new route in February of 2020, the closing of Pie Lab left an empty spot in the hearts and stomachs of locals and many others who had traveled to our small town to try the pies. I couldn't let this culinary staple disappear from our community, so I purchased the recipes from them.

As the son of local heating and air business owner, I was raised in a world of gauges, drills, and thermostats. However, I got my baking genes from grandmothers on both sides of my family tree, so nowadays I swap these tools out for mixers, whisks, and measuring cups. It's an unlikely combination, but opening Greensboro Pie is my way to keep the love of pie and the spirit of this town alive.

Just as I combined two unlikely worlds in my life, I want to play a part in bringing our community together by partnering with other local businesses, schools, and organizations to support them and create opportunities for growth.

We represent the heart of this town: warm, inviting, and iconically Southern. Greensboro Pie is not just a place that sells pie, we are Greensboro.

- Thomas Reynolds, Owner